Who we Are.

Our History

WE do things the right way
Our company's origin revolves around red hot, unbearable pain. One morning, our founder went to put on his stylish discount rack reversible belt only for the buckle to snap off. Exhausted from the uncertain support belts offered, he searched for the perfect belt. It was soon found and was made by Equus Leather. Then Equus Leather was forced to shut down, and so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We launched Bowie's Outfit to do things the right way. The classic way. The buy-it-for-life way. When you put on Bowie's belt you will feel unmatched quality, support, and style that brings a new sense of confidence. That feeling is our way of living, and that's why we do things the right way.
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American Handmade

Our Belts.

How They're Made

Our process calls upon a multitude of skilled leather workers who do things the old fashion way, by hand. Below are a few steps in the process of making Bowie's Belt

Bridle Tanning

Our leather is tanned using an old traditional technique called Bridle Tanning. This creates the highest quality leather available.

Hand Cutting

Skilled artisans take the beautiful leather and hand cut it to the right size. This allows for a close inspection of the leather.

Hand Stitching

To increase the durability of our products we then hand stich each side. This is an often skipped step due to its difficulty, but we find it necessary.

Hand Stamped

Next, the holes are punched into the belt. The belt is again inspected, and then finally stamped with a makers mark.

Hand Polishing

Finally, the belt and the buckle are polished and put together. The only thing missing is you.