About Bowie & Burton

I'm really not that interesting, but anyways.

In his hands was by far the best belt he had ever held. A creation of the artist from Equus leather that was superior in quality, design, and spirit to any other belt on the market. He quickly bought a second belt. Then he went back for the third belt and tragedy struck. Equus Leather had gone out of business. Like so many other talented creators, the world of huge fashion conglomerates, increasing costs of materials, and a de-appreciation of higher quality goods had struck.

With a young eagerness, some small savings, and a big idea Burton set out to develop a company that could support and engage these small artisans. The dying art of clothes-making can not just die a quiet death. A natural product emerged, leather belts; and Bowie & Burton was born. Soon to be added to the line-up are a wide array of products from bandanas, to jeans, to shirts. All are made by artisans, all superior products, and all with. a unique spirit.

Our Mantra

just make it like they used to
We launched Burton &Bowie to do things the classic way. The buy-it-for-life way. The passed down for generations the way. The secret recipe way. The small town way. When you put on Bowie's belt you will feel unmatched quality, spirit, and style that brings a new sense of pride and confidence. That feeling is our way of living, and that's why we do things the classic way.
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